Tradition – Science – Quality

Welcome to PHARMONTA Dr. Fischer GmbH, a family business with a dynamic and flexible approach to science and technology, but rooted in the traditions and values of its history.

We are specialized on the production of liquid and semi-liquid medicines and food supplements. own products and in order-related contract manufacturing. That concerns to own products as well as order-related contract manufacturing.

All products manufactured by PHARMONTA are covered by comprehensive documentation and strictest quality checks. The company‘s experts in quality control carry out all appropriate in-house testing, working to the very latest scientific standards. Continuous inspection by the regulatory authorities, audits carried out by independent firms, training and annual self inspections all combine to ensure that the standards required under pharmaceuticals legislation and GMP are met. This is confirmed by continuous certification.

Pharmaceutical quality does not depend on the size of a business but on whether and how quality is lived in the company!

Dr. Gernot Fischer


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