PHARMONTA’s history begins in the year 1924, when Mag. pharm. Ludwig Fischer, the father and grandfather of the present owners, acquired the “Apotheke Zum schwarzen Adler” in Pöllau, in East Styria. Mag. Fischer wanted to develop pharmaceuticals that could be produced in a pharmacy’s own laboratory and that would provide him with a secure economic base. Within short time he developed and produced a remedy that strenghtened the stomach.

Yet in 1927 Montana Haustropfen (household drops) were registered at the Health Ministry as a pharmaceutical product No. 2637. Mag. Fischer led his company consequently and leased the “Donatus Apotheke” in Gratkorn. At this period the PHARMONTA was run as a pharmacy’s laboratory. In 1948 PHARMONTA was registered as a chemical and pharmaceutical laboratory in the business register. From 1949 onwards, production began to soar and Mag. Ludwig Fischer purchased a property in Gratwein, to which the PHARMONTA business moved in 1951.


Gebäude Pharmonta


January 1st 1963 witnessed a generation change, as Mag. pharm. Dr. Gernot Fischer took over the PHARMONTA from his father, as sole proprietor. During a steady program of upward development, the existing buildings were extended in several stages, production areas were modernised and the product range was extended. The latest extension was completed in 2007. At present, the company’s operating premises extend to a total area of just under 1.600m². 2004 the company was changed into a limited liability company and daughter Mag. pharm. Dr. Ulla Kassegger who has been engaged in the company since 1985, became second general manager of the PHARMONTA Dr. Fischer GmbH.




Registration document Montana Haustropfen 1927

Composition Montana Haustropfen 1927


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