Rubriment Emulsion

Rubriment Emulsion

The active ingredients nicotinic acid benzyl ester, nonylic acid vanillylamide, camphor and turpentine oil particularly promote the circulation of blood in the skin. A slight reddening and a feeling of heat in the skin are experienced after only a short while. The salicylic acid-containing active ingredients are quickly absorbed into the suffused skin and particularly alleviate rheumatic complaints. All of the active ingredients work together to ensure the quick alleviation of pain, the relief of muscle cramps and the promotion of healing by the stimulation of tissue metabolism. The oily properties of RUBRIMENT EMULSION make it particularly suitable for massage treatment. The increase in blood flow produced by RUBRIMENT EMULSION promotes the strengthening of the musculature.

Reg. No.: 10126
Size of package: 60 ml
Application: Emulsion.
For sale in pharmacies only.
Pharmaceutical product.

  • Rheumatic diseases which affect the joints, muscles and nerves, e.g. chronic arthritis, lumbago and sciatica.
  • Sports massage: to support warm-up activities and to provide relief in the case of aching muscles and muscle cramps, circulatory disorders affecting the hands and feet and mild frostbite.

Massage into areas of the body which are at risk or which are painful until the skin feels dry again and then wash your hands. It is absorbed quickly, it is not greasy and leaves no residue on the clothes.
Shake before use!
RUBRIMENT EMULSION is usually massaged into the skin several times a day. Be sure to massage into the skin again once the effect has worn off.

Warnings and Precautions:
Never allow to come into contact with the mucous membranes, open wounds or eyes. Please be sure to wash your hands carefully with soap after use (e.g. massaging with bare hand). Report any pregnancy to a doctor. If symptoms persist or if use does not bring the expected results, medical advice should be sought. Should be kept out of the reach of children.

100 ml RUBRIMENT EMULSION contain:
2,0 g nicotinic acid benzyl ester
0,1 g nonylic acid vanillylamide
1,8 g hydroxyethyl salicylate
0,2 g salicylamide
3,0 g camphor
3,0 g turpentine oil

Isobornylacetate, cetostearyl alcohol (Type A) emulsifying, cetostearyl alcohol (Type A) emulsifying in addition to an emulsifier, paraffin liquid and purified water are used as excipients.