Tussimont Cough Bonbons

Tussimont Hustenbonbons

TUSSIMONT COUGH BONBONS contain tried and tested herbal extracts such as essential eucalyptus oil, vitamin C and menthol. Even while TUSSIMONT COUGH BONBONS are dissolving in the mouth, they have a beneficial effect on the airways.


  • gently refreshing
  • pleasant

As a result of the aromatic, refreshing taste, TUSSIMONT COUGH BONBONS are soothing and calming for the throat and the pharynx.

TUSSIMONT COUGH BONBONS are sugarfree, free of gluten, lactose and fructose. Free of genetically modified organism.

Herbal Ingredients:

  • extract of 10 tried and tested herbals
  • essential eucalyptus oil
  • menthol

Size of package: 75 g Available in pharmacies only. Food product (sweets).

Sweeteners: Isomalt, aspartame* and acesulfame K.*, herbal extract (liquorice root, ribwort, thyme leaves, yarrow, Iceland moss, sage leaves, marigold, fennel, balm leaves and peppermint leaves), vitamin C, flavouring (menthol, eucalyptus oil and malt flavouring agent).

Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect. *Contains a source of phenylalanine.

The herbal extract in TUSSIMONT COUGH BONBONS is made of following 10 herbals:

  • liquorice root
  • ribwort
  • thyme leaves
  • yarrow
  • iceland moss
  • sage leaves
  • marigold
  • fennel
  • balm leaves
  • peppermint leaves

100 g TUSSIMONT COUGH BONBONS contain in average:
caloric value 972 kJ / 233 kcal
proteins 0,1 g carbohydrates 97 g (sugar 0,5 g, polyvalent alcohols 97 g)
fat 0,1 g (saturated fatty acids 0,1 g)
dietary fibre 0,1 g
sodium 0,1 g
vitamin C 200 mg – 250 % of recommended daily allowance (80 mg)