Tussimont Tea for Coughs

Tussimont Tea For Coughs


TUSSIMONT TEA FOR COUGHS is a traditional herbal product which assists with mucous obstruction of the airways and cough.

TUSSIMONT TEA FOR COUGHS is a mixture of herbs which have been used to treat colds from ancient times. Marshmallow and ribwort plantain contain soothing mucilaginous substances. Aniseed and thyme are rich in essential oils which have a soothing effect on the airways, loosen stubborn mucous and thus relieve coughs. Aniseed and thyme also have an anticonvulsive effect.

gluten-free lactose-free fructose-free sugar-free alcohol-free free of caffeine Vegan

Reg. No.: HERB-00029
Application: Tea mixture.
Size of package: 20 tea bags à 1,8 g
For sale in pharmacies only.
Traditional herbal medicinal product. The application referred to this application is based exclusively on long term use.


Recommended dosage:
Adults and young people from the age of 12: one cup up to five times a day.
Children from 2 – 11 years: one cup up to three times a day.

Boiling water is poured over one tea bag per cup, the tea is left to infuse for 5 minutes while covered. The tea can be sweetened with honey, sugar or a sweetening agent according to taste. Drink the tea lukewarm. TUSSIMONT TEA FOR COUGHS should be prepared fresh and be drunken within 12 hours.


24,15 g thyme
19,35 g ribwort plantain
24,15 g marshmallow root
24,15 g aniseed

Excipients: Bitter-orange epicarp and mesocarp, vanilla and honey flavour.



Active ingredients

Ribwort plantain
Marshmallow root

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