Competence in matters great and small

The main areas in which the company currently operates are the result of historic development. The production of liquid drugs, such as tinctures, extracts, syrups, solutions, emulsions and spirits, account for the bulk of the work, but items such as ointments and special pharmaceutical preparations are also produced. These include products with inhouse labels, along with contractual production and manufacture under long term agreements. Further key aspects are the production of food supplements and cosmetics.

There are three liquid packaging lines that cater for the filling and preparation of both large and small bottles. There are also in-house facilities for ointment manufacture. There is a constant stream of developments coming on-line, covering formulae and improvements to production processes, both for in-house and contract products.

Quality assurance and control

All products manufactured by PHARMONTA are covered by comprehensive documentation and strictest quality checks. The company’s experts in quality control carry out all appropriate in-house testing, working to the very latest scientific standards. Continuous inspection by the regulatory authorities, audits carried out by independent firms, training and biannual self inspections all combine to ensure that the standards required under pharmaceuticals legislation and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) are met. This is confirmed by continuous certification.

Warehouse and picking

The warehouse of PHARMONTA has 400 computer-covered spaces and is run as temperature-controlled warehouse. Packaging goods, finished goods, bulk goods and raw materials are stored. Easy flammable goods are separately stored from other goods. The manipulation of raw and packaging materials is carried out through a goods lock. With regard to environmental regulations and statutory safety requirements, the PHARMONTA ensure that the storage is based on the latest standards.